How To Choose The Right Spa Enclosures


Spa enclosures take the average spa and make it much more elaborate.  There are a number of different enclosure types that you can select from.  While your budget does make for the largest consideration, the options are really endless.  You can select from a number of different options that revolve around your tastes, your spa’s size and just how much room you have.  Some enclosures look like small homes even!


When selecting the spa enclosure that’s right for you, stop for a moment and ask yourself these questions.


  • What features will my enclosure provide?  Electricity and water are a must, lighting, solar power and a place to sit and relax are other considerations.
  • What space do you have for the spa enclosure?  The foundation of the enclosure will need to extend past the enclosure itself.  You also need room to open doors and to place steps.
  • What are the requirements of your local areas?  There may be restrictions or laws regarding what you can build and how you have to do it.  Insure that you meet these requirements before you actually start buying supplies.
  • Determine a budget.  Even if you don’t need to have a budget, the fact is that if you are hiring a professional, you want them to follow a budget and not unnecessarily spend money.
  • What do you want your spa enclosures to look like?  The look of your enclosure may match your home, your landscaping or it may be its own unit.  The materials that you purchase will need to correlate with the look and feel that you are after.


Spa enclosures can be designed for your specific needs or purchased as pre made units.  No matter what you decide to put in, a little pre planning helps you to make the decisions that will make a real deference.  Invest some time in this planning phase for the best results.

Which Spa Filters?



Spa filters are something you’ll have to buy several times per year, depending on the type and the usage that they get.  Since you won’t be purchasing them very often, it is very easy to forget which the right one to purchase is.  Did you purchase the wrong ones and try to make them work?  It doesn’t work like that.  Perhaps you simply have given up and are using the same ones over and over.  This can cause damage to your spa and lessen its usable years.  Instead, there are a few tricks that you can use to help you to find the right spa filter every time.


The first thing that you need to do is to read your owner’s manual.  Even if you don’t need a filter yet, you need to know what type of filter is required for the unit.  That means finding out the filter’s size and shape as well as the type of filter it is.  This information can be stored safely so that you can reference it for any time that you need it.  Although most marketing packages will promote one brand of filter choice, you can likely use any brand that offers the right dimensions and factors that you need.  In order to know what those are, read your owners manual.


In addition to these things, there are other ways of finding the right spa filters for your needs.  You can take out the old filter and use that as a tool to help you to purchase another one.  The equipments brand is important as that will help you to get the right product that you have.  Also look for the FC number, the diameter, the pleatco number, and the threaded type.  Each of these elements can help you to determine the absolute right product.


Don’t purchase a spa filter that looks right.  Learn how to know it’s right instead.

Use Printed Media to Effectively Promote Your Business

Today, a business ought to have a web site. This has been an important mindset within the last ten years with corporations putting a good deal of focus and funds into it. Needless to say, the web is a very a vital place to showcase an organisation, but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of other crucial marketing strategies, namely printed materials. As a consequence of the Internet, the printing business has suffered a good deal, but now, the initial ‘gold rush’ of moving online is progressively stabilising. Print marketing is beginning to make a comeback, and there are many methods any organisation could use it to promote its products. This document will take a look at two crucial elements of print to promote an organisation.


Every firm should have its own printed stationery to provide a strong professional name and to give it an identity. A great deal about an organization can be established by the way of how the letterhead appears, and so this design ought to be clean, uncomplicated and effective. The printed stationery needs to, of course, have the company logo and the established colour palette. Letterheads, envelopes, post cards, and compliment slips are examples of items that should have stationery branding.

Flyers & Promotional Flyers

Leaflets are amongst the most widely used ways of employing print to promote a corporation. They can be a number of different sizes and shapes, but typically, they are only one sheet of paper (although they can be double sided). They should always have a center point to attract initial interest and a well laid out design to maintain the users’ interest. Leaflets can be distributed by way of a range of means, letterbox drops, in stands around the organisation, and sent out. A leaflet can be employed to market a special offer, price reduction or new service. Promotional pamphlets are more involved and are a very good way of telling your prospects of your existing deals. With respect to the size of your enterprise and range of products, your leaflet may be 4, 8 or maybe more pages long (normally multiples of 4 pages). They are best printed in full colour, and expertly created by a capable artist. Effective use of contrast to attract a possible consumer’s interest, accompanied by effective layout and a sound recurring theme should contain the viewer’s interest.

There are, obviously, lots of different shapes and sizes for your leaflet printing, and before focusing on a style and design, you should look at all available options and look at what would work best with the style of marketing you would be looking to do. Once you have made up your mind, then you can match your services around the size and shape of the media chosen.

To summarise, while the World Wide Web has taken a significant part of the print industry’s hold away, print marketing is still an essential industry to advertise through. Your rivals are probably still focusing on the Internet heavily, with little thought to printed media, so use this as a gateway to improve your business’s promotional strategy. Brochures are a low-cost and effective way to advertise your company and there are lots of leaflet printing options to choose from. So Call now on 01639 825 930 to broaden and use printed media to get your offers known to your clientele.